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Save $460+ Per Year with 3 Home Energy-Saving Tips

Save $460+ Per Year with 3 Home Energy-Saving Tips

Does your utility provider ever send you an update that shows how much energy you’ve used compared to your neighbors? Mine does. And because I’m a natural born competitor, I always want to use less energy than my neighbors. My latest statement says I’ve used less than my neighbors overall, but 12% more energy than my “energy-efficient” neighbors. I refuse to be out-energy-saved! So here are 3 home energy-saving tips that could save you $460+ per year.

1. Open your shades on winter days

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Take advantage of winter sunlight. By opening blinds during the day to use natural light and capture free heat, you’ll be able to lower the temperature on your thermostat and save on heating costs.

Save up to $80 per year.

2. Check your air filters every month 

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Heating and cooling can account for more than 50% of your home energy use. By cleaning or replacing air filters regularly, you can improve the performance of your system and reduce energy costs.

Save up to $180 per year.

3. Improve your home’s insulation


Over 45% of heated air loss in winter can happen through walls, floors, and the roof — and hot summer air can enter through the same surfaces. Improving insulation can make your home more comfortable and reduce energy costs all year round.

Save $200+ per year.

Want more home-energy saving tips? Here’s a handy guide that my utility provider has shared with its customers.

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